Added Income Source

As I am sure you know, to be successful financially, alternative sources of income are crucial for a specialty physician like you.

Medicare reimbursement cuts are present, and the future of privet insurance reimbursements  is not clear.

There is however, a strong source of income within your practice that is currently going to the local pathologist or to a national pathology laboratory .

Molecular Diagnostics Consultants (MDC) will help you tap into this existing source of that substantial income. Urology and GI physicians are already own path labs all over the US.

Molecular Diagnostics Consultants (MDC) will help you keep your patient’s ENFD (Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density) biopsies and podiatrist’s also nail clipping in house and bill  for those cases. With an onsite, cost effective turn-key, physician owned laboratory.

Your patient will receive faster service and you will be able to make treating decisions sooner.

The lab is in compliance with the “Stark law” and anti kickback regulations.

Your practice will capture substantial revenue stream. The patients are yours, the biopsies are yours. The reimbursements should be yours.