Building Your On-Site Pathology Lab

Space and Staff


Two components are necessary to build your lab.

  1. Histology/setup Lab, require 800 Square Foot.
  2. Microscopy room, require 150 Square Foot.

Professionals necessary to run your lab

  1. Pathologist.
  2. Histotech.
  3. Lab Assistant

Location to be provided by you and staff to be hired with MDC (Molecular Diagnostics Consultants)  guidance and training.


  1. Instrumentation- we  negotiated with large manufacturers and suppliers of new laboratory instruments. (histology)
  2. MDC will consult in design and construction of the podiatrists owned lab.
  3. MDC will provide the technical set-up for the instruments and instruments validations.
  4. MDC will train new lab techs and pathologist in the methodology of testing and diagnosis.
  5. MDC will negotiate and set-up for lab consumable supplies, reagents and antibodies with vendors.
  6. MDC will arrange for lab validation and regulatory compliance.
  7. MDC pathologists will provide with a second opinion if needed.
  8. The Podiatry partnership lab will be fully operational within 3 months of contract signage.
  9. MDC will provide on-going support to podiatrist’s owned laboratory.


Full Financing for the laboratory project is available to the podiatry group!

  1. Initial build-up, instrument and lab supplies.
  2. MDC Laboratory build-up consultation fees.
  3. Monthly reagents and stains charge.
  4. Monthly Pathologist, Histotech and lab assistance salaries’.
  5. Total cost = Staff, the amount of stains and the size of the lab.