Building Your On-Site Pathology Lab

Space and Staff

Two components are necessary to build your lab.

  1. Histology/setup Lab, require 300 Square Foot.
  2. Microscopy room, require 150 Square Foot.

Two professionals are necessary to run your lab

  1. Pathologist.
  2. Histotech.

Location to be provided and staff to be hired, by you, with MDC (Molecular Diagnostics Consultants)  guidance and training.


  1. Instrumentation- we can work with new instruments or secondary market instruments. (histology)
  2. MDC will provide the technical set-up for the instruments and validate and train your staff working with your instruments.
  3. MDC will negotiate and set-up for instrument reagent agreements with vendors.
  4. MDC will arrange for lab validation and regulatory compliance.
  5. MDC pathologist will provide your pathologist with a second opinion at no charge for one year.
  6. Your Lab will be fully operational within 3 months of contract signage.


  1. Initial instrument investment or monthly instrument lease payment.
  2. MDC Laboratory build-up fees.
  3. Monthly reagent charge.
  4. Monthly Pathologist and Histotech salaries’.
  5. Total cost = Amount of biopsies and the size of the lab.


  1. Number of breast biopsy cases in all your interventional radiology facilities.
  2. Imaging instruments accuracy in positive/negative biopsies. (Using “elasticity” imaging)
  3. Using elasticity imaging will reduce the amount of biopsies but will increase the percentage amount of positive biopsies.
  4. Elastography will increase the cost effectiveness of your new lab.